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Working towards a truly just,
healthy, and peaceful world

- Annual Diocesan Workshop - 
Saturday, April 9, 2016:  9:00 - 2:30 pm.  
All Saints Westboro - 347 Richmond Rd.
No cost - Lunch provided

To register email Jane at: pwrdf@ottawa.anglican.ca by 2 April 2016

 Keynote Speaker: Zaida Bastos, PWRDF Director of Development, speaking about PWRDF's successful DFATD funded Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Program

Guest Speaker:  Don Smith - Diocesan Refugee Coordinator, speaking on the Syrian Refugee Crisis and what we can do to help.


Reports from the Field - PWRDF Activities in the Diocese of Ottawa - Parishes report in

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"All you ever wanted to know about PWRDF but were afraid to ask" - Simple tools to help you promote PWRDF in your parish (by the PWRDF Diocesan team).

Local Canadian Foodgrains Bank Project
Canadian Foodgrains Bank logo

In the spring of 2013 the Parish of Fitzroy Harbour, comprised of St. George’s, Fitzroy Harbour and St. Thomas, Woodlawn, and the Parish of Christ Church Bells Corners formed a partnership to grow a crop of soybeans on a 25 acre field in West Carleton. The net proceeds of this project, not yet finalized at the time of writing but estimated at more than $7,000, will go to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFB), a church-based ecumenical organization whose mission is “working to end global hunger” and of which the Anglican Church of Canada is a member.

This rural-urban partnership has been a great success, both in terms of a significant outreach accomplishment and, simply, getting to know each other! Pending decisions by both parishes, the project may continue into the 2014 growing season and, perhaps, for years beyond that.

PWRDF Presentation to Synod 2013

Click on the above link to view Carolyn Vanderlip's presentation to Synod 2013

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Important Information
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Lent 2014 Booklet

Lenten Resource

PWRDF’s 2014 Lent Resource was written by Rev. Laura Marie Piotrowicz. We invite you to join us in these Lenten Reflections that encourage thought and action on issues of Food Security.  Click on the link above to download the PDF resource.

Stories Voices of Hope, PWRDF stories that can be used as sermon illustrations, at parish and diocesan gatherings, and for workshops are now available by going to:  pwrdf.org/resources/voices-of-hope/

Sustaining Hope - Strategies for Effective Relief and Development

This is Zaida Bastos' presentation from the April 2013 workshop.

50 Leaders
As the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund celebrates its 50th anniversary, the 50 Leaders program will work with fifty young (aged 16-30) Anglicans in Canada to discern and develop the gifts that the Spirit has given them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are my parish PWRDF Resources?
A: Your parish was sent a letter from PWRDF in June asking you to respond with your resource needs. PWRDF is no longer automatically sending out resources to every parish. If you need resources, please call them at 1-866-308-7973.

Q: How can I make a donation to PWRDF?
A: You can donate to PWRDF through your parish envelopes, by sending a cheque to PWRDF, 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2 or online via CanadaHelps.org

Q: Where can I get PWRDF Memorial Cards?
A: Memorial cards are available from PWRDF email or by calling  1-866-308-7973.  In an emergency there is a local supply at The Church of the Epiphany, 1290 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa. Please contact the parish via phone (
613-746-9278) or email  to arrange a pick up time.

Q: I would like to have a presentation on PWRDF at my parish. Who do I contact?
A: Please contact your Diocesan Representative, Jane Maxwell, by email. Due to Jane's parish committments it is recommended that you give as much notice as possible. Jane can also provide slides and PowerPoint presentations (with talking notes) for your own use.

Q: Where can I find more information on PWRDF?
A: The PWRDF Web Page is an excellent source of information (www.pwrdf.org). You can also write to them at: PWRDF, 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2